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Royal Flush Mobile Casino Events

We can either run an event as below or will work with you to customise an event format that works for you.

Private Parties / Team Building

We can provide one or two Tables to help create that point of difference, or we can add as many Tables as you like, and your friends will talk afterwards about that great Casino party for weeks to come.

Blackjack and Poker or Roulette and Blackjack or maybe The Big Wheel and Blackjack might be the right combination for you.

We have a Special Simple Competition Package

Ideal for any Event or Party - Prizes are up to you. The event can end in a playoff on one of the gaming tables when prizes can be issued.

Social Club / Corporate Functions (Non Fundraiser)

From 4 Tables - Normally Roulette, 2 Blackjack Tables and either a Dice Table or The Big Wheel.

We can add on as many table games as you require to meet your requirements.

Guests receive a set amount of chips and pay a penalty to be reloaded with chips if they run out.

Event normally ends with an Auction of prizes.

Prizes are your responsibility - An Auctioneer is included in the Package Price.

Charity Fundraisers

Allow yourself 3 months if you can to organise. : Normally from 7 Tables upwards to as many as you need.

We have the capacity to operate an event for 350 people with 20 plus tables however an event of such size happens rarely and requires some planning.

Our biggest Charity event recently was an event of 16 tables.

An event of this size has raised $20,000.00 but included great sponsorship and a Cash auction, with raffles on the evening as well.

A number of events in the past 12 months have raised between $8,000.00 to $14,000.00

Therefore with our advice and your hard work, any-thing is possible.

The event runs for 3 1/2 to 4 hours with the tables open for 3 hours in total.

The gaming time is divided by the Cash Auction, and the event ends with an auction of Prizes for the Casino Winners.  Table Sponsorship and Prize Sponsorship are essential for a successful night.

Pricing: On enquiry - "You can't give everything away - But more than Fair"

I also have a number of selling strategies that will help.

A charge for Travel and accommodation may be included depending on Function Location